Firm Profile

For over forty years since our firm started in 1979, we have participated in challenging building projects. At the center of each project is the ability to communicate. We often translate intangible thoughts into physical forms which also must have functions. The inherent conflict with those functional uses and intangible thoughts is how to marry them. Both design process and resulting product are about communication.

Clients frequently are boards of directors,councils, and committees. Therefore, we see ourselves as translators. Because the range of our projects is quite diverse, we are multilingual. While the base language may be English, the dialects we speak are those of educators, museum curators, manufacturers, law enforcement officers, retailers, preservationists, and scientists.

Over the next 20 years, we will design projects which incorporate technological innovations, new and traditional materials, and inventive forms into buildings and open spaces which communicate with our clients and the public at large.