At The Spriggs Group, our design philosophy centers on the belief that each project we undertake is client specific, site specific, and user specific.
The first principle of our design method is a thorough investigation of the client’s program leading to a clear understanding of the project. Our analysis and discussion of the program with the client are fundamental to designing a successful project. Philosophy
The second principle is our approach to site planning. We are convinced there is rarely only one way to organize a site. As part of our concept development, we propose several options to aid in client decision making. Philosophy
The third principle is a commitment to designing projects which reflect some aspect of the community or context where they are located. The site surroundings may influence the project’s architectural references or point to the need for a recognizable image. Philosophy
The fourth principle is our presentation of alternate building concepts. Frequently, the client is able to see features which are desirable from several plans. The results can establish both confidence and enthusiasm. Philosophy
The fifth principle is attention to detail. Often little elements contribute to the character of our buildings. We evaluate standard products when appropriate or design custom pieces including lighting. Philosophy

The goal in all of our projects is to provide distinctive architecture, interiors, and open spaces which address our clients’ requirements while stimulating our imagination.

Our portfolio represents a diversity of building types. Innovative approaches have come from design experience in seemingly unrelated facilities. We continue to explore new ways to create successful projects.