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University Store

Thursday, May 29th, 2008


Georgia Southern University Statesboro, Georgia

A.I.A. Award For Excellence in Architecture
–South Georgia Chapter
The store site lies between the main street dining hall/post office and the student union. Linkage to those facilities is reinforced by the building shape and plaza edged by “sitting steps.” Repetitive building corners allow extensive glass for displays on the interior and exterior. The interior sales area under staggered roofs is conceived as a “market hall” with a light-filled open space visually extended by a north-facing glass curtain wall. The merchandising design includes three 18-foot high display towers, two 20-foot high display scaffolds at the curtain wall, and triangular graphic banners.

Counseling Center

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008


Georgia Southern University Statesboro, Georgia

The Counseling Center is the first phase of the medical center expansion, and its exterior establishes a new image for the entire complex. A colonnade at the front serves as a covered walkway for students coming from campus to the two facilities. The colonnade is structurally independent of the new building and can expand along the front of the medical center and future clinic to the east. Once completed, the colonnade will act as a visual terminus of the courtyard space between the commons and nearby dormitory buildings. Programs include guidance for students’ personal, career, and educational problems. The building is divided into 3 zones: reception, group activities, and individual counseling.