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Private Residence

Thursday, May 29th, 2008


Wilmington Island, Georgia

Located on a high bluff overlooking a wide navigable waterway, this residence enjoys extended views of the water and marshlands. The structure is divided into three groupings:  living, sleeping, and service. The truncated-gable form repeats in each of the three wings. A semicircular shape occurs at each gable in the form of lattice, louver or glazing. The living area’s “great space” has a continuous clerestory which provides natural light throughout the 20-foot-high space. The public side of the residence is relatively closed, while the creek side opens out to a large patio. A dockhouse extending over the creek reuses details and materials found in the house.

Center for Continuing Education Plaza

Thursday, May 29th, 2008
Plaza at Southeast Georgia Conference Center for Continuing Education

College of Coastal Georgia

Brunswick, Georgia

The plaza provides a focus for outdoor ceremonies and events. Form and choice of materials recognize an existing road and allow a second phase to complete the plaza when the road is removed. Within a symmetrical organization, dynamic inserts feature altering heights, textures and functions on all sides. From each approach, there is a different appearance to the entire composition. Positions on the circle edge vary in function such as seats, steps, planters, ramp, and sculpture. Transitions of concrete or brick to grass or shrub and ground to wall define the edges.

Peace Officers Memorial and Plaza

Thursday, May 29th, 2008


Federal Law Enforcement Training Center 

Glynco, Georgia


The Peace Officers Memorial honors former students who attended the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Glynco, Georgia, and died in the line of duty.


A series of vertical slabs of Lac Du Bonnet Minnesota granite with sandblasted, thermal, and polished finishes provide a focal point. These plaques have battered granite bases and are illuminated by quarter-sphere sconces.


Square granite pavers for the plaza have a sandblasted finish and are enclosed by low granite walls with thermal finish. Entry to the plaza is along an 8-foot-wide sidewalk of cast stone pavers with granite face aggregate.


The memorial and plaza are located adjacent to a stand of pine trees and azaleas next to the campus chapel. Plaza entry planters contain hibiscus hybrid Ruby Glow, while the shrub Harland’s Box forms a border.